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Total sales via Target and Walmart

The Brief

The client’s business had been steadily growing for years until suddenly, it was not. The business kept pulling in revenue, receiving roughly the same amount of orders every year, and retains its existing customers. The issue was that the costs were rising and an attempt to increase sales with increased marketing spending resulted in 0% growth month to month. 

The Solution

  • An audit discovered an opportunity to reach new audiences via YouTube ads as the target audience had switched their attention from linear TV to digital platforms.
  • The Limitless Now platform selected 57,311 brand-safe and suitable video-level hyper-relevant placements.
  • AI and Machine Learning technology were used to continuously optimize the client campaign 24/7.

The Outcome

Using the same $150k ad budget used by the previous agency.

  • Sales grew by 192% 
  • ROAS increased from 2.7x to 7.9x
  • 3.82M views were delivered over the course of a 6-week-long campaign resulting in 87.2k sales attributed to the campaign.
  • Astonishing 2.62 USD Cost per Sale (CPS)

Attributing the marketing efforts

  • The client temporarily paused their campaigns across other channels for the targeted region creating a suitable test environment.
  • The time it takes from an ad impression to conversion was calculated to be 9 days.
  • Point of Sales (POS) data from Walmart and Target was used to attribute the generated revenue to the marketing efforts.
YouTube Ads

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