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TikTok Ads 994% Improvement

The Brief

An existing client was fully utilising YouTube Ads to a point of diminishing returns. They were looking for a solution to keep scaling. When our strategist offered to launch TikTok ads the client initially refused as they has tried them before with no luck. As we consistently see excellent CPM compared to all other social channels we use and the view-through rates are brilliant the client agreed to give this another try.

The Solution

  • Our TikTok strategy focused on creative development. By collaborating with 17 independent creators we helped the brand generate 51 unique creatives suitable for the platform.
  • The creative ideation procedure helped us map out ideas for the creators to use which reduced the costs and increased the quality of the videos.
  • Relentless split tests with small budgets over 30 days helped us find 10 winning creatives and a number of audiences.
  • As the winning creatives and suitable audiences were identified our ad ops team scaled up the campaign ad spend for maximum return.

The Outcome

  • End of campaign 6.13 Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • $581'898 USD in additional sales attributed to TikTok Ads
  • Total 3 months spent on this campaign.

Key learnings

Creative fatigue: TikTok ad results start incredibly cheap but burn out very fast. While a new video creative is needed every 1-2 weeks, changing just the 3 first seconds of the best video will also work for a while.

Targeting: Relying on LNOW targeting helped us reach the Gen Z audiences most willing to make purchases on the website.

Format: Spark Ads performed the best for us. We initially gathered a lot of engagement on them during the testing and this helped winners have sufficient social proof ads they were scaled up.

TikTok Ads

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