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Frequency Across The Last 30 Days = 4.2

The Brief

Our client was launching a new product range in a new market abroad and their strategy focused on increasing ad delivery frequency. Usually, this would be achieved through retargeting people who viewed or interacted with the video advert. However, under GDPR and COPPA, this was not an option as our client was targeting children and parents with their ads.

The Solution

  • A compliant workaround strategy for reaching the same people multiple times without tracking them and thus remaining compliant with the regulations.
  • Switching the focus from trying to track the audience to a better understanding of the content that was consumed.
  • Going off 2 billion data points we formed a real-time lookalike content library with the help of LNOW A.I. This ensured that the advertisements were displayed on a list of videos that were likely to be watched in a sequence.

Some examples include:

  • Use of video series that are split into multiple parts.
  • Ensuring only the newest videos are published by relevant channels.
  • Identifying similar creators who have collaborated in the past and have an audience overlap.

The Outcome

Retargeting without retargeting:

We achieved a frequency of 4.2 at the end of campaign compared to a mere 1.3 frequency delivered by the previous agency.

Key learnings:

  • Targeting only the newest videos of the channels at a video level over channel level lowered the CPM by 57%.
  • New videos being published in multiple parts delivered the highest frequency. Cutting down on 100's of man hours by automating this process resulted in a ROAS of 4.9.
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