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YouTube Ads 450% Improvement

The Brief

Our client had been running conversion YouTube Ads for a long time as a means of raising awareness and generating sales in the US market. Recently with the raising manufacturing and shipping costs, they had to either go out of business or rapidly improve their profitability.

The Solution

  • An audit discovered that 79.8% of adverts were delivered to irrelevant audiences as the agency they used to work with didn’t use video-level targeting.
  • Limitless Now A.I. selected 391,553 optimal video level placements for effective targeting.
  • The tracking implementation was updated from hard coded to GTM.
  • The campaign performance was tracked and optimised in real-time by LNOW A.I.

The Outcome

  • Return On Ad Spend increased from 0.72x to 3.29x
  • The cost per purchase dropped from 118.17 USD to 20.35 USD
  • Limitless Now generated 211% more conversions using only 46.7% of the original budget.
  • Only online purchases were attributed to the generated revenue, however, the client reported that the in-store sales had also grown by 171%.
YouTube Ads

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